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One Champion Pte Ltd in short known as One Champ. We are leading AutoId company in South East Asia Regional providing Hardware,

One ChampĀ is a team of experts helping companies become more efficient by harnessing the power of labeling, identification, data collection, tracking and service technologies.

With One Champ, companies are able to maximize their return on investment in systems that reduce errors, streamline workflows, reduce costs, enhance efficiency and productivity, enable better decision-making and increase profitability.

Our main products line cover is Bar Code Printer, Bar Code Scanner, Bar Code Verifier, Self-Adhesive Label, Thermal Transfer Ribbon. We have more than 20 years experience in Autoid and able to provide on-site/off-site technical to customers in this regional.

With our own label converting machine we can deliver our Label almost JIT (Just In Time) and do pre-printed colours label up to 6 colours.

Here at One Champ, we have a collective experience in label converting and have supply to many different vertical industries on speciality labels, ribbons and printing

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